How Cytonn Education Services is striving to fill the Education Gap in Kenya

17 January, 2020 / Articles

The education system in Kenya has been heavily criticized due to its inability to address the labor market needs. Commonly dubbed “half baked-graduates”, this group of university graduates enter the job market with inadequate skills needed to successfully adapt to the demands in the industry. Worry less; Cytonn Education Services through its flagship Cytonn College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is here and ready to fill that gap. As we believe; practical education is the most powerful weapon one can wield when properly attained. For education to be beneficial, we must shift from the theoretical and teacher-centered learning techniques to practical and hands-on techniques; the ultimate prerequisite to our current industry skill set.

As a country, we have to keep up with both the technological and entrepreneurial advancement in the world. It is 2019, what worked in the past is becoming obsolete today hence The Cytonn College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship a platform implementing this very paradigm shift in the education sector.

The Cytonn College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship seeks to solve the following;

1. Professional skills deficiency in the job market 

It is no doubt that our current educational institutions produce numerous graduates each year with inadequate skills to survive in the current job market. The reason being; students spend years in such institutions learning theoretical knowledge with minimal emphasis on practical skills much needed in the societal dynamics. The College offers technical and managerial classes with a bias to hands-on practical training enhancing students’ relevance in today’s job industry. It seeks to inculcate in students the much-needed employability skills. For Cytonnaires, your skill-set is your differentiation factor.

2. Innovative and Entrepreneurial mindset

The college seeks to impart innovative and entrepreneurial skills, unlike the current system with much focus on cognitive formation, learners concentrate more on operations, then asked to become innovators and entrepreneurs once they graduate. The College will focus on developing graduates with sharp mindset through a compulsory innovative and entrepreneurial training, coupled with mentorship and business incubation pitch sessions.

 3. Job opportunities

The college provides employment opportunities to successful graduates in various key courses undertaken namely; real estate and construction, investment analysis, and software development. 

4.  Business ideation and incubation

The college has adopted an entrepreneurial model and social development structures, designed to nurture business ideas through a comprehensive business support program to help learners establish and accelerate their growth and success.
To facilitate a breakthrough in the job market, learners need to; understand the role of entrepreneurship in our current society, attain a skill set to enable them to identify a business opportunity and business idea packaging, develop business strategy and financial models, undertake legal diligence and source for capital. Besides, there is a need to acquire skills in business and product development, brand and marketing, personnel management and client service. Cytonn College comes in handy to empower graduates to be job creators and proactive innovators.

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