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Cytonn eHub Discussion Forum.

The Cytonn eHub Discussion Forum is an annual event which provides a platform in which budding entrepreneurs in Kenya with businesses in diverse fields of real estate, financial services, technology, education, and hospitality get the opportunity to share their experiences with a panel of distinguished entrepreneurs and learn from their wealth of experience on ways to improve their businesses.

Why Choose to Apply for The Cytonn eHub Discussion Forum?

The ‘Cytonn eHub Discussion Forum’ is perfect for you if you are enthusiastic about learning from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs and applying their knowledge and experiences in growing your business.

The Cytonn eHub Discussion Forum will give you an opportunity to actively engage in a question and answer session and receive real-time feedback from the select panel of experienced entrepreneurs.

Who is Eligible to Attend?

The forum is open to individuals with businesses that have been in existence for a period of between 6-months and 2-years. We also welcome those with actionable business ideas in the following sectors: real estate, financial services, technology, education, and hospitality.