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Cytonn eHub Investor’s Forum.

The Cytonn eHub Investor’s Forum is an annual event which connects entrepreneurs in Kenya with funding opportunities from investors. The forum provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs with businesses in diverse fields of real estate, financial services, technology, education, and hospitality to pitch their businesses to an investors panel that comprises accomplished entrepreneurs and investors with a penchant for supporting and mentoring budding entrepreneurs.

Why Choose to Apply for The Cytonn eHub Investor’s Forum?

The ‘Cytonn eHub Investor’s Forum’ is perfect for you if you are considering an entrepreneurial venture and require capital injection or guidance to kick-start your business.

The Cytonn eHub Investor’s Forum will give you an opportunity to compete for actual funding in a forum of serious investors looking for venture opportunities, as well as get ideas and interact with successful entrepreneurs.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

An individual with an already existing business which has been in existence for a period of between 6-months and 2-years

Someone with an actionable idea and a business plan; however, business ideas will only be limited to the following sectors: real estate, financial services, technology, education, and hospitality.

This year’s Forum will take place on 23rd November 2017.