Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cytonn Investments?

Cytonn Investments Management is a Nairobi based investment company that primarily focuses on offering alternative investment solutions to institutional investors, individual high net worth investors and diaspora investors interested in the East Africa region.

What am I investing in?

We strive to offer our investors a diverse selection of product offerings ranging from fixed income funds to structured products.

For additional information, prospective investors should read all the supporting information provided by Cytonn Investments Management for each of our product offerings.

What are the terms of a Cytonn Investment?

The terms of each investment provided by Cytonn Investments Management is specific to that offering. Prospective investors should review in detail the offering documents provided for each opportunity.

When can I expect a return on my investment?

Projected returns and distributions as well as a timetable for milestones and a distribution schedule is specific to each offering and would be noted in the offering documents for that investment.

What is a structured note?

A structured note is a debt security with unique features that provide the potential for a superior risk/return profile (e.g. a five year bond tied to an option contract).

Do I have to be a Kenyan resident to invest with you?

No. We are very focused on providing world class investment opportunities to both residents and non-residents of Kenya.

Do you have a dedicated Diaspora team?

Yes. We provide a leading and highly customized diaspora service that is constantly looking to connect members of the East-African diaspora with attractive investment opportunities.

What are the tax implications of investing with you?

Please read the documentation provided for the investment offering you are considering. If you require subsequent tax related support, please consult a trusted tax specialist.

Will I be exposed to currency risk when investing from abroad?

Potentially. This risk would occur if the Kenyan Shilling falls in value against the currency of your domiciled nation when you are looking to repatriate your funds from Kenya.

Why do I need to register an account?

In order to ensure we provide investments that are appropriate for our investors, before being able to invest in one of our products, it is important to take a short suitability test.

In addition, once you have registered, we will be able to keep you informed on new and attractive Cytonn Investments product offerings.

Why do you ask investors to sign their application form electronically?

We give our investors the choice of either printing, completing and scanning their application forms or completing, signing and submitting their form online.

The decision to provide an electronic signature option was in order to provide a highly convenient application and investment process for our investors.

What is your complaints procedure?

In the unlikely event that you are not completely happy with the service that we have provided, you can register a complaint online or by phone.

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