Elizabeth Nkukuu Chief Investment Officer

“Success comes through lots of hard work and sacrifice.”

Anyone can become what they set out to be. The only difference between achievers and non-achievers is the decision to work and run after what you want in life. This has been my mantra and has inspired me greatly in my career. I started out as an investment analyst working for the top fund management companies in Kenya Pine Bridge Investments, Gencap Africa as Investment Manager and Britam Asset managers as a Senior Portfolio Manager. These positions helped me gain skills in the public markets; Fixed Income, Equities and global markets performance.

My undergraduate studies at the University of Nairobi in Actuarial Science and an MBA in finance from the same university prepared me adequately to pursue my passion in portfolio management and investments. This was coupled with the professional skills I acquired to become an accountant (CPA) and CFA.

Investing for clients and getting the best returns is what drives me. I specialize in Fixed income analysis and portfolio management for Cytonn. And most recently leading the Real Estate Team. My day to day work has evolved from being a technical person to more General management. It entails ensuring that the real estate developments we undertake are done on time, are of top quality and remain within budget. The main skill required for this job aside from the professional qualifications is the ability to work with people and influence them to attain the set objectives. Every day presents new learning opportunities that I seize for self-learning. It also requires the ability to balance work and family. When I make investment decisions that make money for my clients it motivates me to want to wake up every day. Lately, I am into project management as it is presenting new learning opportunities for me.

It is humbling to see the number of people that have believed in Cytonn by either investing in our products, buying real estate, putting their careers in Cytonn or partnering with us. On days that I have no energy to continue I cannot quit or give up since I always look for something to live for. When I see our constructions coming up and the investment landscape changing it makes it all worthwhile and brings deep meaning the work I do at Cytonn.

For anyone looking to pursue their career at Cytonn, I would tell them to be ready to work extremely hard and smart too. They should be open-minded, ready to learn and seize on any learning opportunities. Success comes through lots of hard work and sacrifice. This would ring true for any career really.

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