Essential considerations when designing your dream home

12 December, 2018 / Blogs

We have all been looking to live in that home that fits our dreams and aspirations. The house that reflects our character, our needs, and desires. Our heavenly abode, that suits our needs and wants. We shall have a look at some of the important steps in realizing this highly coveted prize, a home:

First, you have to decide on what you want. Start simple. Brainstorm. Create a checklist of ideas you have always thought should be integrated into your dream house. Is it an open plan living space? An eco-friendly building? List down everything to exhaustion. Everything trickles down to defining what you actually need. How many bedrooms for your kids? Do you need an ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom? Have your ideas ready and begin prioritizing features so that you do not exceed your budget. With so many luxuries to choose from, you have to know what to prioritize as the most important aspects of your design. Be specific. Know your budget. You have to know where you can and where you cannot compromise.

Set your design goals to create a vision of what you want your new home to be. This is where your creative mind is needed the most. Build a scrapbook of magazine clippings with colors and styles you like. Visit show houses to compare different house designs and seek inspiration for your dream house. Visualize what you want, create rough sketches to give you a better understanding of your planning.

After you have consolidated all your ideas, you now have a vague picture of how your house is going to look like. You have your color schemes in place. You now have an idea on the items that you would like incorporated into the house. The only thing left to do is to consult a professional designer. Book an appointment with one of the amazing house designers you know. Take your wish list and scrapbook with you. This gives the designer a point of reference. Bringing into the picture, the dimensions of furniture and art that you want to introduce into your space. One appointment is not enough. You will have to go through all aspects of design with your designer. Which color schemes will be appropriate for the kind of atmosphere you are targeting? Which appliances and cabinetry are you going for and most importantly, are they still within your budget?

With the designer, do not be afraid to ask questions. Use this person’s expertise to guide you through every aspect of your dream home. You might start by analyzing the home with one room, like the bedroom, beginning with the flooring, moving up to the wall color and any woodwork that might be needed. Visualize how different elements will work together and have alternative suggestions until everything matches up to your expectation. Never forget that it is all about you.

You can also have someone you have a rapport with but who is familiar with the process to point out things that you may overlook. Most importantly, look very carefully at how space is planned out. Try to visualize the ceiling height, the room size, the flow of light into the various spaces, the flow of traffic within your circulation spaces. Look at the ratio of the bedrooms to bathrooms. Consider the amount of natural light your home is going to get and ensure there are provisions for the task, ambient, and decorative lighting. Light has an immense influence on humans. Make everything merges into one so that you do not have conflicting elements that do not provide an artistic contrast.

How you upgrade depends on how long you plan to live in your new home. If you are looking for things of value that will set your home apart, let them be a worthwhile investment. So, if you are going with granite tabletops for your kitchen, select a higher quality of granite. Consider adding things people can notice right away to set your home apart.

Do not forget to think about the future. This is your dream home. Not just an apartment you are moving in to. Children coming up soon? Are you looking forward to accommodating close family members? Your custom design should include which features your future self will need and find handy. Never forget, this is all about you.

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