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Recent Blogs

  • 21 March Bravin Machuka
    Safety is not an accident; it is a unique endeavor, structured and instigated under the auspices of the law that informs safety norms that cultivate caution and sanity within a construction site. Fostering safety should thus be consistent with the development of the core product right from the onset.

  • 16 March Marlone Mwaura
    Automation goes an extra mile in ensuring companies gain a competitive advantage by making them operationally efficient and effective to withstand the extremely harsh corporate operating environment.

  • 6 March Project Management
    We have all been looking to live in that home that fits our dreams and aspirations. The house that reflects our character, our needs, and desires. Our heavenly abode, that suits our needs and wants. We shall have a look at some of the important steps in realizing this highly coveted prize, a home:

  • 2 March Caleb Suji
    Business leaders are turning out to be the greatest brand evangelists. It is therefore important to understand what personal branding is and why is it important for business leaders to have a personal brand on social media.

  • 27 February Digital Team
    There is no better way to learn about the successes and challenges of a programme than to speak to the person in charge of overseeing its day to day operations. This week on our CYLP interview, we talk to the soft-spoken CYLP Coordinator, Victor Ondiwo and discuss the objectives, achievements, and challenges of the CYLP program.