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Meet the Board

“If you have leadership without governance you risk tyranny, fraud and personal fiefdoms. If you have governance without leadership you risk atrophy, bureaucracy and indifference." – Mark Goyder

To ensure that we remain focused on the clients’ interests, we have put in place proper governance structures. We have a board of directors consisting of members from diverse backgrounds, each bringing in unique skill-sets to the firm.

Our Board
Board Committees
  • Finance & Investments Committee

    The committee oversees and provides strategic investment direction, including the implementation and monitoring of the strategic initiatives proposed to be executed by Management.

    The committee consists of six directors with four non-executive directors namely: James Maina (Chairman), Antti-Jussi Ahveninen, Madhav Bhalla, Prof. Daniel Mugendi, Edwin H. Dande, and Elizabeth Nkukuu.

  • Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee

    The Committee oversees the quality and integrity of the financial statements, reviews of the legal and regulatory aspects of the business and the performance of the internal audit, risk and compliance functions.

    The committee consists of four directors with three non-executive directors namely: Madhav Bhalla (Chairman), Nasser Olwero, Madhav Bhandari, and Patricia Wanjama.

  • Governance, Human Resources & Compensation Committee

    The committee oversees and implements governance structures within the Group, signs off the various compensation plans and human resource policies.

    The committee consists of four directors with three non-executive directors namely: Rose Kimotho (Chairperson), Antti-Jussi Ahveninen, Prof. Daniel Mugendi, and Edwin H. Dande.

  • Technology, Brand and Innovation Committee

    The committee oversees and implements the information, technology, communication, and innovative processes, structures, and systems as a driver towards competitiveness.

    The committee consists of three directors, with two non-executive directors namely: Nasser Olwero (Chairman), Rose Kimotho, and Patricia Wanjama.

How we work

We are focused on delivering high returns in the alternative markets while providing the best client service and always protecting our clients’ interests. We operate in three continents: Africa, North America & Europe. 

To deliver the best investment returns & services to our clients, we have to have the best people we can get.