Home buying payment plans in the market

15 June, 2024 / Articles

Owning a home is a dream for many,

Therefore before you think to spend a penny,

To invest in a future home for you or your family,

Here are some helpful tips to save you from agony.


Is your job looking somehow iffy?

Are houses somehow costly in your city?

In such uncertain situations, avoid a cash payment.

Unless of course, you had saved enough to put a down payment.


Cash cuts costs and a debt is a heavy burden to carry,

Pay cash, eliminate interest and other costs which are unnecessary,

Cash is liquid so if you’re looking to close on a deal faster,

Then a cash offer is even more attractive to the seller rather,

Than let’s say a loan…which has to be backed by security thereafter.


Shopping for a mortgage can be overwhelming,

Especially in Kenya where the mortgage market is still developing.

An audit check on your lifestyle will help you further determine,

How much debt you can handle before you draw the line.

Also be prepared to deal with high deposit demands by banks,

If you are unable to service this you’re free to say, no thanks!


If you’re looking to strike the middle ground,

Torn between cash/ mortgage, tired of going round?

You can opt for an installment, pay part of the cost immediately,

Then do regular top-ups for your dream house obediently.

Until the debt is fully paid you’ll be left feeling like a pro,

For paying up against milestones and managing your cash flow.


There’s no such thing as the right or wrong payment plan,

What works for you may not necessarily work for any other man.

Ask yourself…which payment plan provides the best return on 

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