How to move with children

14 April, 2024 / Articles

Anyone with children knows the stress any kind of movement involves. The logistics are far too tiring with the many queries and demands from the children; especially toddlers. You have probably been contemplating a move but the kids will not cooperate. Fear not!

First and foremost, it is important to understand that children need to be psychologically prepared for the move. Children are creatures of habit and any erratic disruptions that they were not prepared for will work against their development. They are leaving behind all that is familiar to them; the house, their friends, even the neighborhood dog. The solution is to involve them in the move, let them feel like their vote counts. You can go house hunting with them and listen to their opinions on the house locations (they have great insights too!). While house hunting, take note of social amenities near the new home such as schools, malls, and other recreational facilities.

Purge before packing. In most cases, children still have items in their closets that they no longer use. It could be an old toy, old clothes or shoes that no longer fit. This is a good time to do some clean-up and get rid of old baggage. You can choose to donate to a Charity home of the kids’ choosing. Another great idea is to organize a garage sale and let the kids help out in the sales. This can help in buying some new items for the new house. Avoid hoarding as much as possible.

Arrange for some professional movers. In Kenya, this trend is quickly picking up and you do not have to stress over the issue of dealing with strangers. All you have to do is ensure that the items are all packed in boxes ready for loading. In fact, some loaders come and do the packing and unpacking for you. Cool…... right? This should help ease the stress of packing. Within Kenya, there are quite a number of movers that can be contacted for such services. A few of the popular ones include Cube Movers, Taylors, Safari Movers and Converge Movers.

Ask for help. Now is the time to bring into action all the dotting aunties and uncles that can help with the children as you focus on packing. It will be of great relief to know that the children are taken care of so you can focus on moving.

On the Move day, let the kids help out. They can help pack up their toys, shoes safely into boxes ready for transporting. Be sure to have something ready for them to snack on and plenty of fluids because they will definitely be hungry and exhausted. Be sure to have necessities nearby such as beddings, bathroom essentials.

Good luck on your move!

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