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10 April, 2020


Date: April 10, 2020

To: Cytonn Stakeholders and Clients

From: Edwin H. Dande, Chief Executive Officer, Cytonn Investments Management Plc



I trust this note finds you holding up well, even in these difficult and unprecedented times.

The purpose of this note is to provide clarification to our clients and stakeholders on the various portfolios we manage in light of the various misleading comments on social media.


Product / Issue



Cytonn Money Market Fund, CMMF, & other Regulated Unit Trust Funds (governed by the Capital Markets Authority, CMA)

· Our unit trust funds, with the Cytonn Money Market Fund as the flagship fund, remain operating as usual without any changes,

· Approximately 80% of the Cytonn Money market Fund is invested in Cash, Deposits and Government Instruments, hence the fund is extremely liquid, hence the lower return of 11% p.a compared to our other funds,

· The digitization of CMMF as a wallet that pays 11% p.a., immediately available 24/7 over the phone, and can also be used to pay bills, has proven useful to our clients and continued to grow even during the COVID-19 outbreak,

· Also, for the benefit of our clients, we have increased the amounts one can withdraw automatically to their M-PESA from Kshs. 70,000 to Kshs. 150,000 in one transaction, and to Kshs. 300,000 per day. Simply dial *809# to access the service,

· 13,000 of our investors in this fund continue to withdraw and invest instantly through *809#, so the social media comments that the fund has been suspended are misleading.

· Invest or withdraw instantly, 24 /7 by just dialing *809# 


Cytonn High Yield Fund, CHYF (regulated specialized fund governed by the Capital Markets Authority, CMA)

· The fund is operating normally, and is subject to the fund’s policy of no withdrawal over the first 90-days; the first 90-days of no withdrawal is a feature of the fund that has been there since the formation of CHYF and captured in the Trust Deed and Rules, and also approved by the Capital Markets Authority, CMA

· There have been no changes at all with the fund contrary to some social media comments

· While the fund invests in real estate to deliver a higher yield than the money market fund, it keeps ample liquidity hence the rate of return of 14.1% p.a. as of 9th April 2020


Cytonn High Yield Solutions, (CHYS) and Cytonn Project Notes, (CPN) (unregulated real estate funds governed by a Board of Investors)

· These funds remain operating normally

· However, given that they invest predominantly in real estate, reflecting in the high yield returns of 18% p.a., they have been impacted by COVID-19, just like the rest of the real estate funds in the world,

· Because the fund is invested in real estate developments, and during this COVID-19 period with construction activity reduced, lands office closed, purchasers of real estate units paying slower and reduced inflows like with any other fund or business activity during this period, it would be strange for the fund not to feel the impact of the prevailing challenging environment,

· Consequently, investors of the fund through their Board of Investors, in consultation with the Principal Partner, passed a resolution extending all maturities by 90-days; 90 days is a period within which we expect the sites to reopen,

· A resolution by investors is binding to all investors. This Extension of Maturities resolution is in line with Clause 21 of the investment agreement, which exists precisely for these kinds of scenarios and times; and the resolution was communicated to all investors through the weekly client update sent to all clients on 31st March

· The real estate funds have 3,000 investors, the majority of whom understand that a fund invested in real estate cannot have the same liquidity and flexibility compared to the Cytonn Money Market Fund,

· Kindly note that a restructuring of real estate funds in this COVID-19 environment is not unique to Cytonn, and please see Appendix 1 for the actions taken by real estate funds across the globe, which amounts to funds managing over Kshs 2.7 trillion worth of investments in real estate.


Pension Funds (regulated by the Retirement Benefits Authority, RBA)

· Pensions are long-term funds and those will also continue to operate normally; investments can be made at any time and withdrawals also done at any time, according to the relevant portfolio regulations by the Retirement Benefits Authority, RBA.


Real Estate Projects

· Given the ongoing COVID-19 environment, we have either closed or drastically reduced labour in all our sites for the next 90-days. It would be irresponsible not to take these actions, and even if we didn’t want to close, most of our contractors and sub-contractors are not available to work during this COVID-19 period.


Other Comments

· We have noted comments on social media that Cytonn Investments does not have assets underlying its business. This is misleading, as the group has vast real estate assets, specifically

1. Owner of CySuites Serviced Apartment in Westlands

2. Development of Amara Ridge in Karen

3. Development of Applewood in Miotoni Karen

4. Development of The Alma in Ruaka

5. Development of The Ridge in Ridgeways

6. Second Largest Shareholder in Superior Homes, 12.5%, the developer of Greenpark on Mombasa Road

7. Development of RiverRun, 100-acres in Ruiru

8. Land banking of 30-acres in Ololua Ridge for our Situ Village Development

9. Land banking of 4-acres in Kilimani for a mixed-use development

10. Land banking of 0.5-acres in Westlands next close to Capital Club for future development

11. Development of Taraji Heights in Ndenderu

12. JV partner of 1,000 acres in Athi River

We reassure our investors that the group has one of the best portfolios of real estate investments, hence the commentary that the group has no assets is misleading and malicious.

We trust that the above helps to clarify any questions or concerns that you may have as Stakeholders and / or Clients. Once again, we view strong corporate governance, which includes responding timely and openly to any inquiries made, as a decisive competitive advantage for the Cytonn Group, and we hope you shall continue to let us know whenever you may have questions.

Please do not hesitate to contact 0709 101 200 in case of any enquiries, or email us at clientmatters@cytonn.com.

Yours Faithfully,

For: Cytonn Investments Management Plc

Edwin H. Dande

Chief Executive Officer






Name of Fund / Company



Action Taken & Statements



M&G Property Portfolio for M&G Investments

United Kingdom

GBP 2.4 billion

Kshs 307 billion

Due to the spread and impact of COVID-19 on the commercial property market in the UK, there has been a temporary suspension in the dealing of shares in the fund.

M&G Property Portfolio — Important information on the suspension of dealings


Great-West Life Canadian Real Estate Investment Fund No. 1 for Canada Life Assurance Company


USD 6 billion

Kshs 624 billion

Suspension of the funds due to the impact of COVID-19 on the global property market, which has affected Canada Life’s ability to ensure unitholders are buying and selling units at a price that reflects their value. 

"Given the current economic environment, redemption requests have recently increased. Real estate assets are generally less liquid than other major asset classes and cannot be rapidly liquidated"

Canada Life suspends real estate funds until further notice

2 real-estate funds block redemptions


Legal & General Property Fund

United Kingdom

GBP 2.9 billion

Kshs 371 billion

In a statement on its website, L&G said it has suspended the fund in light of ‘extreme market volatility’ and ‘exceptional circumstances’ in the UK property market. This is as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Suspension of dealing in the Legal & General UK Property Fund and the Legal & General UK Property Feeder Fund

L&G suspends £2.9bn property fund in latest coronavirus casualty


Janus Henderson UK Property Fund

United Kingdom

GBP 1.95 bn

Kshs 249 bn

Temporarily suspended dealings in their UK real estate funds as market turbulence caused by coronavirus made it hard to accurately value the properties they contain.

Important information about the Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF (the Fund) and Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF Feeder Fund (the Feeder)


Kames Property Income Fund

United Kingdom

GBP 721 mn

Kshs 92 bn

Temporarily suspended dealings in their UK real estate funds as market turbulence caused by coronavirus made it hard to accurately value the properties they contain. “The ongoing coronavirus crisis...is a real concern for all of us,” Stephen Jones, chief executive of Kames Capital, said in a letter to investors.

Kames, Janus Henderson suspend UK property funds on coronavirus turbulence


Aberdeen UK Property Fund

Standard Life Investments UK Real Estate

ASI Global Real Estate Fund

All funds for Standard Life Aberdeen

United Kingdom

Total of GBP 3.3 billion

Kshs 422 billion

“Markets around the world have experienced huge disruption as COVID-19 spreads and trading in the UK property market is being severely impacted. As a result, the funds’ Standing Independent Valuers have informed us it is not currently possible to provide accurate and reliable valuations for certain assets, including the properties held in the Funds.”

Suspension of Aberdeen Standard Investments' Property Funds


Columbia Threadneedle - Threadneedle UK Property Authorised Investment Fund (PAIF)

United Kingdom

GBP 1.4 billion

Kshs 179 billion

The Threadneedle PAIF’s independent property valuer, CBRE, has deployed a ‘market uncertainty clause’

which means it is unable to provide an accurate valuation of the PAIF’s assets in the current exceptional

market environment.



St James’s Place Property Unit Trust

St James’s Place Property Life Fund

St James’s Place Property Pension Fund

United Kingdom

GBP 3.6 billion

Kshs 460 billion

“Property fund valuers across the market are currently unable to accurately or fairly value the properties within our property funds. 

“Therefore, we have suspended dealing on our range of three UK commercial property funds – the SJP Property Unit Trust, Property Life fund and Property Pension fund.”

SJP gates £3.6bn property fund range




Kshs 2.7 trillion