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25 June, 2019

Cytonn Asset Managers Limited, CAML, the regulated affiliate of Cytonn Investments Management Plc today launched its pensions business. In addition to offering segregated fund management to existing retirement benefits schemes, CAML launched three products under its pensions offering, these are; (1) Cytonn Personal Retirement Benefits Scheme, (2) Cytonn Umbrella Retirement Benefit Scheme, and (3) Cytonn Income Drawdown Fund. The main focus of the pensions business is to deliver above average returns to members of its pension schemes.

Members during the Cytonn Pensions Scheme Launch

 Edwin Dande, Cytonn CEO of Cytonn stated that “As we launch our Cytonn Retirement Benefits Schemes today, our key focus will be on protecting the interests of our members and providing exceptional client service. The pensions business goes a long way towards the actualization of the firm’s objectives which include rolling out additional regulated products which deliver above average returns and are suitable to both retail and institutional clients.”

David K. Mwakitele – Head of Pensions, CAML

Speaking during the launch, David K. Mwakitele – Head of Pensions at CAML noted, “We are proud to expand our pension product portfolio. We shall bring the same Cytonn ethos of delivering above average returns and focusing on the interest of the client in the management of these funds. As Cytonn Asset Managers Limited, we remain committed to supporting the Authority in enhancing education to the public on the importance of saving for retirement to secure their financial future post-retirement and consequently enabling more people to save for their retirement.”