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19 January, 2019

On Saturday 19th January, Cytonn Asset Managers, the regulated fund management affiliate of Cytonn Group, held a panel discussion forum on the 2019 Economic Outlook. The discussion forum focused on the factors expected to drive the growth of the economy in 2019 such as; the recovery of the agriculture sector, growth in the tourism sector, real estate and manufacturing sectors. The forum also addressed challenges affecting the economy such as public debt and the lack of access to credit by SMEs. 

The Panelists From L-R: , Aparupa Chakravarti - Director at Botho Emerging Markets Group, Simon Wafubwa - Chief Executive Officer – Enwealth, Bonny Tunya - BBC Correspondent, Jared Osoro - Director of The KBA Centre For Research on Financial Markets and Policy, Faith Maina - Investment Analyst, Cytonn Investments.

The forum had the following panelists: Simon Wafubwa - Chief Executive Officer, Enwealth, Jared Osoro - Director of The KBA Centre for Research on Financial Markets and Policy, Aparupa Chakravarti - Director at Botho Emerging Markets Group, and Faith Maina - Investment Analyst, Cytonn Investments whose collective experiences in their respective fields made the discussion forum informative and engaging. The forum was moderated by BBC’s correspondent, Bonny Tunya.

A segment of the audience at 2019 Economic Outlook Public Forum, following the discussion keenly.

The Forum kicked off with a presentation by Analysts from Cytonn, that is, Caleb Mugendi and Patricia Wachira, on the 2019 Cytonn Market Outlook. It sort to address the public’s need to understand the various investment opportunities in 2019 and the expected performance of the economy in 2019. The 2019 Market Outlook by Cytonn predicts a GDP growth of 5.7 % - 5.9 % in 2019, which will be supported by a conducive operating environment and expected positive performance in the major asset classes.

Speaking at the forum, Jared Osoro, one of the panelists, noted that while the outlook was cautiously positive, there was a need to address the fact that the Kenyan households were not feeling the positive economic growth. “Growth needs to be balanced by ensuring that growth in production is supported by an increase in the population’s ability to consume,” he said, “The role of the government is to create an enabling environment to conduct business,”

The audience also sought clarification on issues such as investment opportunities, government borrowing, ease of accessibility to credit facilities and the role of corporate governance in the economy.

Patricia Wachira – Senior Research Analyst at Cytonn making a presentation on the 2019 Economic Outlook.

Cytonn Asset Managers, the key sponsor of the forum is a fund manager regulated by the Capital Markets Authority and Retirement Benefits Authority and focuses on delivering the most attractive risk-adjusted returns to the clients, with superior client service and extensive innovation in the product development cycle. You can view the full discussion forum here.