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6 April, 2019

On Saturday 6th April, 2019, Cytonn’s C.E.O – Edwin H. Dande held a discussion on the entrepreneurial journey with aspiring and scaling entrepreneurs at the Lord Erroll. The moderated and highly engaging forum delved into issues touching on the entrepreneurial journey, the challenges, the highs and lows of the process.

Edwin H. Dande- Chief Executive Officer at Cytonn Investments holding a conversation with Hannah Muchuki, the moderator of founders’ breakfast in Runda

Speaking at the forum Edwin noted that successful entrepreneurs are compelled and driven by a desire for progress in society. He said “There has to be a pain point you seek to solve as the most compelling reason to get into entrepreneurship”

Attendees of the founders breakfast forum following the discussion during a session with Edwin H. Dande, the Chief Executive Officer at Cytonn Investments

Edwin also talked about building a strong brand basing on the journey towards building the Cytonn Brand. He noted that a strong brand’s key driver is the product it offers to clients and the market. “Once you have a compelling product in the market, you work to ensure that your brand has top of the mind awareness by having open channels of communication” He further added that brand building is an expensive undertaking but worth the investment.