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5 January, 2021

Cytonn Real Estate LLP (CRE) of P.O Box 20695-00200 Nairobi and of 6th Floor Chancery Building, Valley Road has been retained to sell a prime piece of property in Kilimani, whose details are as follows:

Property: LR Number 2/85, 2/86 and 2/87 in Kilimani, Nairobi along Argwings Kodhek Road & Elgeyo Marakwet Roads
Acreage: 1 acre, 1.5 acres and 1.497 acres, for the 3 parcels totalling 4.0 acres
Number of Titles: 3 title deeds
Encumbrances: None


Sale Price
The prospective buyer to present the offer price and all the offers by the prospect buyers/agents shall be mailed to rei@cytonn.com / agaikwad@cytonn.com
CRE will consider offers for the individual lots, but with a strong preference to the sale of the 4-acre parcel as a block.

Click to download Property Details https://cytonn.com/uploads/procurements/kilimani-land-sale.pdf