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Project Summary

Cytonn Investments also sponsors projects that focus on causes that resonate with our values and those that we collectively care about. These are projects/events that fall under our Cytonn Foundation main pillars namely: Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and Training & Mentorship.

Eligibility Criteria

We attract a huge amount of sponsorship requests. In order to meet our sponsorship objectives, it is Cytonn’s policy to sponsor events/projects that:

  • Support Cytonn Foundation main pillars; 
    • Entrepreneurship – This remains the core engine of growth in any diverse and growing economy, hence the biggest determinant in job creation and uplifting the standards of living
    • Financial Literacy – We aim to enhance financial knowledge and empower individuals with skills and knowledge that allow them to make informed and effective decisions with their financial resources
    • Training & Mentorship – We have a mandate to mentor, train and nurture skill sets
  •  Are non-political 
  • Give significant brand exposure for our company
  • Focus on giving back to the society through skill development

To learn more about Cytonn Foundation please click Here.